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Energy Calculations

For making conversions please select the metric that you convert from, the value and the metric that you convert to ordinarily.


General Informations About Energy Metrics

  • Joule: It's the main energy metric that used on most of the sciences. It found by an english physicist James Prescott Joule in 1843. It has worldwide usage on most of the sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, electric, mechanic etc.
  • Calori: It's the second widely used energy metric. It found by a french physicist Nicholas Clément and a french mechanical engineer Sadi Carnot in 1819. It has wide usage on especially sports and medicine.
  • Newton / Meter: There is no clear information when it found but it was used by many nineteenth century scientist such as James Clark Maxwell, James Prescott Joule, Hermann Von Helmholtz etc, and used until today. It's commonly used on electrics and other sciences.
  • Watt / hour: It's an energy metric that took it's name from a scottish inventor and one of the most famous figures of industrial revolution, James Watt and defined in 1889 by British Association Of Advancement Of Science. Mostly used for definition of electric consumption amount by electric providers.
  • Foot / Pound: It's an energy metric that started to use on 1879 and used by british heritage countries on engineering, physics, mechanics and aviation.