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Speed Calculations

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General Informations About Speed Metrics

Despite the Speed Measurement is a pretty modern fact, there is almost no information about whom invented that metrics.

  • Meter / Second: It's most widely used speed metric and it has triumphing usage on science, transportation, engineering and meteorology.
  • Kilometer / Hour: It's another speed metric that widely used on especially sports, transportation, describing speed of vehicles and on many more topics.
  • Mile / Hour: It's a speed metric that used on united states for defining speed limits.
  • Mach: It's mostly known as sound speed and widely used on aviation, space sciences and fluid mechanics. It founded by an aviation engineer named Jacob Ackeret in 1929 and took it's name from an austrian physicist and philosopher Ernest Mach.
  • Knot: It's a speed metric that used on navigation and aviation.
  • Lightyear: It's the maximum speed that single entity could have in current physic rules on that universe. It mostly used on space sciences.
  • Centimeter / Second: It used for describing the speed of raindrops on meteorology.
  • Kilometer / Minute: It's commonly used for speed definitions on horse races.
  • Mile / Minute: It's used for transportation, manufacturing for some metals and speed measurement of motors.
  • Feet / Second and Yard / Second: It's used on engineering and physics in countries which has british heritage.