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Length Calculations

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General Informations About Length Metrics

  • Meter: The main metric of the length with worldwide acknowledgement. It has a bunch of submetrics that depends on, such as: Nanometer, Micrometer, Centimeter, Decimeter, Decameter, Hectameter, Kilometer
  • Foot, Inch, Yard: The length metrics that originates from Britain Island and commonly used on british heritage countries. It's commonly used on defining lengths of almost every thing on daily life.
  • Land And Nautical Miles: The length metric that found by Roman Empire, which intend to be equal a thousand step of a Roman Soldier, and it was equal to approximately 1.480 meters. In Eighteenth Century that distinction occured.
  • Link, Chain, Rod, Furlong: Length metrics that mostly used for land measurements in England.
  • Hand: Mostly used on measuring the Length of Horses in England.
  • League, Fathom, Cable Length: Length metrics that used on navigation in England. Cable Length also used in aviation.
  • Barleycorn: It used on measurement of Shoe size in England.
  • Caliber: It has worldwide use for measuring the barrel size of guns.
  • Pica, Punto: They has worldwide use on typhography, it means scriptual length.
  • Sandinavian Mile: The Mile type that mostly used on Scandinavian Countries.
  • Kuei: A traditional chinese length metric.
  • Shaku: A traditional japanese length metric.
  • Architect Arsin: A traditional turkish length metric that used on architecture.
  • Endaze, Kerrab, Parmak, Rub, Bazaar Arsin: Traditional turkish length metrics that used on shopping.
  • Kulac, Berid, Fersah, Merhale: Traditional turkish length metrics that used on navigation.
  • Hat, Nokta: Traditional turkish length metrics that used on typhography.