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Most Asked Questions

What is your whole purpose?

Our purpose is help people about their daily, business or intellectual interests to achieve their benefit. We use most new and powerfull software technologies to achieve that goal for your benefit.

How much your calculations accurate, is there any limitation about the accuracy of your calculations?

Yes, we have some limitations. Because of the resource limitations of the environment that our servers run, we couldn't do absolutely accurate calculations for the sake of sustainability of our website. if a calculation requires basically that has more 7 or more digits later than 0, we couldn't give an accuracy guarantee for that and more sensitive calculations.

We really want to improve our ability to make sensitive calculations but our financial situation restricts our ability. If you too want the same, then you should support us via described channels on the latest link. If we achieve enough financial support, we'll improve the accuracy rate of our all calculations.

There is any other website that you have?

We've currently that websites which broadcasted on internet:

  1. Calculate Measures

And We're planning to ship that websites as soon as possible:

  1. Ölçüleri Hesapla - The Turkish version of that website.
  2. Calculate Math - A website for making accurate mathematical calculations
  3. Matematik Hesaplama - The Turkish version of previous website.

I've approached a bug in that website, how can i report that bug?

We kindly want from you to send us a detailed email about it. Send that email to the addresses described on contact page

I've appreciate what you do, how can i support you?

You can simply look at our support us page about it, all the details about that exist on that page