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Mass Calculations

For making conversions please select the metric that you convert from, the value and the metric that you convert to ordinarily.


General Informations About Mass Metrics

Most of the mass metrics are widely used as also weight metrics but it's inaccurate.

  • Gram: It's most widely used mass metric on entire world. It found in 1795 and redefined in 1889. By far it's the most used mass metric in daily life. It has so many submetrics such as microgram, milligram, centigram, decigram, decagram, hectagram and kilogram.
  • Ton: It's one of the most widely used mass metrics on navigation, logistics and agriculture. It found in ancient times and it reached some international standard later than 1793.
  • Pound: It's widely used on britain, in both sciences and daily life.
  • Ons: It's used on food, post and textiles.
  • Troy Pound, Troy Ons, Carat: They mostly used for defining the mass of jewelry.
  • Quintal: It's widely used on agriculture in france, spain and portugal.
  • Jin: A chinese mass metric that used on agriculture, cultural activities, traditional medicine.
  • Pood: It's a traditional russian mass metric that commonly used in russia and russian colonies and had usage on sports and agriculture.
  • Tola: It's a traditional indian continent mass metric that used on defining mass of jewelry.
  • Momme: It's a traditional japanese mass metric that used on textiles.
  • Picul: It's a traditional southeastern asian mass metric that used on trade, agriculture and mining.
  • Arroba: A traditional latin mass metric that used on trade and agriculture.
  • Dirhem: It's a mass metric that found on east mediterranea and has wide usage on especially greeks and arab world. It has widely used on coinage, trade, architecture and agriculture.
  • Okka, Kantar, Ceki(Çeki), Kıyye, Besde: Traditional turkish mass metrics that widely used on almost every aspects of daily life.
  • Miskal: A traditional Islamic mass metric that widely used on jewelry and medicine.
  • Batman: A traditional turkic mass metric that had wide usage across all turkic countries.